About Us
Atatürk Says;
"Economic development, Turkey's free, independent, always more powerful, always the backbone of the ideal of a more prosperous Turkey."

Our company's first production facility in the outskirts of Mevlana was founded in Manisa. The reason is that they migrated to the Arabian Peninsula Manisa Spil mountain of elders leaning back and grow at the same time is very important princes. Spil mountain vegetation and flora is very rich in forest. Taking advantage of this wealth is very important to make this beauty work in human health. I managed to master the Central and Mesir toothpaste produced centuries ago. The generations before us have seen the beauty of Manisa, Manisa, and settled in very liked. Also trained other people in a very valuable very valuable Padişahlardan Manisa. Some of these Yigitbas Parent Beatitude, Ayn-i Ali and Attar velilerdir as teacher..
Allah is well-known and loved in Manisa, a close friend request and Ferid ancestor grandfather Hussein Candy Company as a result of consultation with our corporate and General Manager, was founded in 1992 by Sefer GUNDUZ. Ministry of Health due to anesthesia in a hospital in the days of the voyage during the day in those years working as a technician at Ege University Faculty of Pharmacy, Ege University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agronomy and Drug Development and Pharmacokinetic Research and Application Center of Ege University in cooperation with the research began. In this period, the university has accomplished in conferences and seminars attended and contributed to their realization. Around this time through the web site of Harvard University visited our company and our company is doing by reaching the production manufacturing techniques, we have made related to the exchange of information. Thus, by using today's technology to develop science and grandfathers have been entrusted with a modern production facility has been established. Production from the land now under construction in the region recently and will start construction of a new facility.
Our products are delivered through our network marketing for all of Turkey. Top of this, except for the foreign market new products developed and introduced to all of Europe by the London branch.
Founder and Chief Executive Officer : Sefer GUNDUZ
Manufacturing and Product Development Manager : Mustafa TEKOGLU (Chemist)
Celal Bayar University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry Graduate
Accounting and Quality Control: Sedat ARICA
Personnel manager: Sukran GUNDUZ
Dermatologist: Yasemin ARICA
Pazarlama Bölge Sorumluları: Sedat ÖZKAN - Yasin GÜNDÜZ - Selahattin GÜNDÜZ